URBACT Projects

Thematic Network: CITIZ@MOVE

Partner Cities: Valencia, Toledo, Valencienne, Turin, Syracuse, Athens, Charleroi, Aalborg, London, Aarhus, Charleroi, Cosenza, Gera, Islington, Graz, Sambreville, La Louvière, Pecs, Misterbianco, Derry

Citizen participation was central to the issues studied by the Citiz@Move network. The partner cities opted for a multi-faceted approach to local forms of participative democracy. Three working groups investigated the ways in which ethnic minorities are empowered and integrated; the link between governance and citizen participation when carrying out urban projects; and how new technology can serve local development.

The study, which highlights the singularity of each city’s practices, is backed by the experiences of the network’s twenty members. Its conclusions notably focus on the players (women, youngsters and elderly people from ethnic minority backgrounds), the tools (NICTs for a new form of participative democracy) and the processes (citizens’ forums, consultative committees, etc.).