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Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism

Archive Press Releases

press release [16-02-2010] | photo gallery | ministry`s agenda

Today, 16 February, the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, held a press conference, to present the novelties promoted by the ministry about the housing construction programmes, and also announced the first meeting of the Council for the coordination of the project on Romania`s tourism brand.

"We want to attract additional sources of financing by selling the housing units of the National Housing Agency (ANL), to continue the housing construction programme and to achieve the proposed target of 100,000 housing units over the next 3 years. Last, but not least, we aim at supporting economic growth and countering the effects of the crisis by boosting the housing construction domain," said Minister Elena Udrea.

In tomorrow`s Government meeting, the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism will promote a draft emergency ordinance to amend Law no. 152/1998 on the establishment of the National Housing Agency, which aims at reducing from 3 years to 1 year the period after which tenants may choose to buy the housing unit, at eliminating the condition provided by the ANL Law according to which tenants cannot have an income per family member more than double the average gross wage and at establishing an accessible sale price for the ANL housing, at their replacement value diminished with the depreciation.

Replacement value represents the amount required to achieve an apartment at the price of the day, with the same built area and the same level of finishes and technical performance. From the calculations made, the following replacement values result: one-room apartment - 19,140 euros, two-room apartment - 26,950 euros and three-room apartment - 36,014 euros. Regarding the newly announced programme, "Rebirth of the Romanian village - 10 houses for specialists”, destined to specialists, employees in the public system in the rural space, they will be rented the houses only for the duration of their employment contract and will not be for sale. The ministry`s projections started from the estimated figure of 10 houses in each community, which would lead to a total of 25,000 houses over the next 3 years. The figure will vary according to the requests of the local public administrations, and can go up to a maximum of 15.
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